Seeking Soul Mates, Spirit Guides and Past Lives

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Fascinating describes Scheinberg’s second book, blending spirituality and psychotherapy in much the same fashion as M. Scott Peck’s "The Road Less Traveled", only easier to read and understand. Scheinberg, an experienced psychotherapist, has increasingly focused his personal and professional journey on the value of understanding soul relationships, along with our shared (and profound) connection to Source.

Readable, engaging, and inspirational, Seeking Soul Mates, Spirit Guides, and Past Lives takes you on a journey through the vast matrix of mystical and energy practices; case studies are included (using actual dialogue) to demonstrate how individuals can use these practices to open themselves up to a broader, more fulfilling experience of life. The ten concepts on page seven are, alone, worth the price of the book, but there is so much more.

A meaningful life isn’t easy to come by, but Scheinberg provides a wealth of ideas to support the earnest seeker who longs for guidance in going deeper-and, in doing so, he performs a huge service for his readers.

– Creations Magazine

"Award-Winning Finalist in the New Age: Non-Fiction category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News"

"Award-Winning Finalist in the Spirituality: Inspirational category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News"


What is going on in the world? We live crowded, busy lives that often leave us feeling empty and alone. Material wealth and creature comforts fail to truly satisfy our needs or make us happy. We eat, drink, and indulge our five senses to excess and yet life’s "fullness" eludes us. This is as true within our individual families as it is in the global community. Have we just lost sight of what is really important?

I have come to believe that the real solutions to our problems must also include that which we cannot verify using only our five senses. There is a whole world that is invisible to us but essential to our survival, just like the air we breathe.

Our Life Force is composed of core energy. This energy, like all energy, can never be destroyed. The vessel of this energy is the soul, in concert with the Divine Force of the Universe. The soul does not die when the physical body ceases to function; the soul’s identity and energy continues to exist in a new form. And in this new form, the soul can and often does continue to interact with those of us who remain here in the physical world.

This book is intended for those who have heard the words "soul mates," "spirit guides," and "past lives" and wondered if they are just new age buzzwords or if life beyond the flesh really exists. I invite you to explore and consider the possibilities that these concepts suggest. Read about the hidden relationships that may be affecting your life and may explain your personality, life path, and even your life’s purpose. Let my words arouse your curiosity and provoke you to do some deep soul-searching. Let my personal experience as well as my research challenge your traditional perceptions. See if any part resonates with your heart in a way that gives you further comfort and peace. If it has, then I have achieved my life’s purpose.

Table of Contents

1. When Did You Stop Trusting Others? 8
2. What Are Soul Mates? 12
3. Bonnie Found Her Soul Mate – and Much More 16
4. Soul-Searching: Meditation Can Be the First Step 25
5. Soul Mates: The Love Never Dies 31
6. Tragedy Provokes Spiritual Inquiry 45
7. Hypnagogia: Between Waking and Sleeping 50
8. While We Sleep: Embracing Universal Consciousness 54
9. Hypnosis: A Path to Past Lives 56
10. Is Reincarnation Real? 61
11. Children Who Remember Past Lives 74
12. Case Studies in Past Life Regression 80
I. Life Should Be Better Than This: Searching For Purpose 81
II. Finding the Missing Pieces: Healing
the Wounds of Sexual Abuse
III. A Soul’s Reunion: Coping with Grief and Loss 128
IV. Love’s Bond Endures: Encountering the Spirit Guide 143
13. Sometimes the Good Die Young for a Reason 155
Glossary: Some Terms to Consider 168
EndNotes   173
About the Author 176
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